Sixth Form Curriculum

Stowupland Sixth Form aims to provide a broad and relevant curriculum for all its students. Each student is given the opportunity to fulfil his/her academic potential, commensurate with his/her ability, and to achieve the highest possible grades. Our curriculum seeks to promote breadth and depth of study and to encourage independence of learning and self-reliance in our students.

The Sixth Form provides a wide range of A Level and AS Level courses for its students. In addition curricular visits, work experience and internships, clubs, societies and other extra-curricular activities enable our students to devise personalised programmes which suit their individual needs and aspirations.
We encourage our students to set their sights high and expect them to follow demanding programmes.

Excellent teacher/student ratios and close work with our Inclusion Team ensure that students are able to follow personalised programmes and access the individual support that is vital to their success.

Sixth Form Course Information Booklet 2018


A Level Reforms

September 2017 will see the introduction of the final stages of A level reform. As a result of these changes subjects have moved away from the previous AS/A2 modular system to a straightforward linear A level where the final grade will depend on the examinations taken at the end of the two-year course.

At Stowupland we have taken the decision to enter all our students on linear and modular courses for AS examinations at the end of Year 12 (June 2018).

While results for linear courses will not count towards final A level grades in Year 13, students will be awarded ‘standalone’ grades for each AS course which will be recognised by employers and on university applications.

For ‘modular’ courses all assessments and assignments over the two years will count towards a final A level or BTEC grade.
Students are free to choose either type or a combination of qualifications. By opting to offer the AS examination to all students, we aim to focus on ‘real’ outcomes towards the end of Year 12 and an independent assessment of progress and attainment.

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