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Megan Harrison

My name is Megan, and I attended Stowupland High School from 2010-2015. I am currently a medical student at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, which means I’m studying to be a doctor, in one of the most amazing cities in the country!

I have so far completed 3 years of my medical degree. It is hard work as there is a lot to learn, but it is very stimulating. I meet people from literally all ends of the spectrum, and see something completely different every day. What I enjoy most about medicine is the challenge of figuring out how to work out what is essentially a puzzle, but applied to individual human lives. My first two years were mostly lectures, I’ve learnt about the body’s systems, anatomy and physiology. One way we learn anatomy is cadaveric dissection! Another great part of med school is learning all of the clinical skills you need to be a doctor: communication skills, taking a history, all of the body’s systems examinations including how to properly use all of the equipment (everyone is very protective of their stethoscopes!), taking blood (it feels very strange practicing on your friend), doing ECGs, surgical stitching, the list goes on.

My third year has been my favourite so far, we get to spend time in the hospitals practicing our skills on patients, and annoying doctors by following them on ward rounds, in clinics, in A&E, and even in the operating theatre! My most memorable experiences to date include performing CPR on a lady who went into cardiac arrest whilst having a caesarean section (who survived), getting to scrub up in surgery and see what the intestines and aorta actually feel like, and talking to a murderer on my forensic psychiatry placement.

I am currently (academic year 2018/19) taking a year out of my medical degree, between third and fourth year to do a masters, which is called intercalating. It is in medical education, which essentially means teaching doctors. It’s a bit different to studying medicine myself, I have lots of assignments to do and a dissertation research project. I chose to do this because teaching is something I also have a passion for, I do a lot of work with widening participation with secondary school students, teaching them about medicine and doctors, as well as peer teaching for other medical students. If all goes to plan I will graduate as a doctor in 2021, and then continue my training as a junior doctor.

I’m not sure what type of doctor I want to be yet, but I don’t have to decide until after my junior doctor years and I start core training. The profession is so varied, I can see myself as a GP, a surgeon, or specialising in neurology the most. I am also keen to continue teaching. One thing I am excited about in my career is the seemingly endless learning and opportunities it brings, especially for travel. You can work as a doctor in any country in the world, and though I know I want to work in the NHS, I imagine I will spend a few years working abroad and travelling. There are also lots of volunteering opportunities and I am excited to make a real difference in the world.  





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