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Safeguarding and Child Protection

The purpose of Stowupland High School’s Safeguarding Policy is to provide a secure framework for the school in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of those students who attend our school. The policy aims to ensure that:

  • All our students are safe and protected from harm;
  • Other elements of provision and policies are in place to enable students to feel safe and adopt safe practices;
  • Staff, students, governors, visitors, volunteers and parents are aware of the expected behaviours’ are and the school’s legal responsibilities in relation to its students.

At SHS educating pupils about current safeguarding issues is essential in equipping pupils with the knowledge and skills to identify risks and take appropriate action. Key issues are included within the PSHE curriculum and where appropriate across the whole curriculum as well as featuring in assemblies, individual student support and via pastoral processes.

At Stowupland High School Safeguarding is considered to be everyone’s responsibility and as such the School aims to create the safest environment possible that will allow every student the opportunity to achieve.

Mrs A Walden
Designated Lead for Safeguarding and Prevent

Safeguarding and Child Protection. V6 March 2022

Covid-19 Safeguarding Guidance

Local Child Protection Procedures

Young Person’s Guide to Working Together to Safeguard Children

Report online abuse here

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Further Information

The Children’s Society have developed a range of resources to help understand how to support vulnerable young people, in particular those who go missing. These resources help you know what to do when a child goes missing and how to prevent children from going missing in the first place.
Child Rescue Alert is a rapid communication tool which can be used by the police on the rare occasion that a missing or abducted child’s life is believed to be in immediate danger. – Registration is free and takes just minutes to complete, online or by text. By taking 30 seconds to register, anyone could save a child’s life.
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