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GCSE Revision

The lead up to GCSE exams can be an anxious time and it is easy to underestimate how quickly the year will go. Our advice is to start revising early as students' brains become more efficient at recalling information, the more they use that information. There are many ways to revise as can be found on the links below. As a school each child has a login to GCSE POD which has an extensive range of resources for each subject.

We hold two sets of mock examinations:

  • November/December - all GCSE subjects
  • March - Maths, Science, English Language and English Literature

We use these mocks not only as practice for the real thing, but to also diagnose where an individual student has gaps in their knowledge or their exam technique can be improved. By doing these exams teachers can tailor their teaching and revision strategies to maximise each student's potential.

How can parents and carers support?

  • Helping with organisation of resources and revision timetables
  • Finding a quiet space to revise
  • Placing mobile phones in another room, so they don’t distract
  • Encouraging a good diet, exercise and healthy sleep patterns
  • Quizzing them using their revision cards
  • Ensure there is down time too

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