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Powerful Knowledge

Year 7

By the end of year 7 Students must be able to do the following; Create a basic role demonstrating some appreciation of how this might affect choice of language and physicalisation. Share work with peers and teachers for assessment, showing that preparation and planning has gone into a final outcome Explain some basic choices in their ability to create and improve work using basic drama keywords. Share an opinion on the work of others through written or verbal methods, showing some awareness of preferences and identification of skills.

Year 8

By the end of year 8 Students must be able to do the following;  Sustain a role for a reasonable length of time, considering basic performance skills  Interpret and realise a text in a naturalistic style.  Work cooperatively within a group, sharing ideas.  Understand the basic structure of a devised piece, and create their own as part of a group.  Devise an original piece of work from a stimulus,.  Understand the role of director and the elements of knowledge and interpretation that this entails.  Be able to explain how effective work is at fitting a brief, style or genre in basic technical terms.

Year 9

By the end of year 9 Students must be able to do the following:

Collaborate sensitively with others in creating performance pieces that are challenging, structured and appropriate for their intended audience  Use given circumstances, magic if and objectives to develop a role.  Use research to inform the development of the drama.  develop an idea to progress from a simple to a more complex stage  plan, create and structure drama  Write and talk about plays in performance, showing a good knowledge of theatre conventions  Independently research stimulus  explain their artistic intentions and intended impact on an audience



  • Working from a script (Reading/writing)
  • Key drama vocabulary (Including spellings)
  • Peer marking written work using notation system

School Context



Each year group will have three assessments that correlate with Data drops throughout the year.

These assessments will consist  of three sections that tie in with the GCSE Drama course:

-Devising a performance




All students will be given their assessment grade and this will be displayed on a sticker on the front of their folder.



  • Actor/Actress
  • Director (Theatre; film; TV)
  • Lighting designer
  • Sound designer
  • Costume designer
  • Drama Therapist
  • Broadcast presenter
  • Theatre stage manager
  • Arts Administrator
  • Talent agent
  • Script writer
  • Community Arts Worker