Welcome to the Library

The Library is at the heart of the school and is a large open space.  It has ample seating for comfort and study, a vast range of books and resources, IT area and a mezzanine for sixth form students to study in.

Themed book displays keep the Library vibrant and encourage students to try something different or see ‘What’s New’. The Library’s aim is to extend and develop students’ reading for pleasure by providing a wide and up to date range of fiction and non-fiction books.  The library also runs events such as Harry Potter days, organising author visits and promoting School Diversity week and many more.

Opening times:

Monday to Friday:  8:30 – 4:00pm

Students are able to use the Library during break and lunchtimes to borrow or return books, complete/print homework, read and use the computers.  There are also a variety of clubs that run every lunchtime which are open to all students:

Monday:          Colouring/drawing/craft activities

Tuesday:          Chess club

Wednesday:    Quiet reading/book club

Thursday:        Games, including computer and board games

Friday:             Puzzles


Classes in the library

During lesson time the library is frequently buzzing with classes that have been brought in by teaching staff.  Mrs Burns, School Librarian, teaches a variety of lessons including a murder mystery induction for new students, reading strategies, speed dating with books to encourage reading for pleasure, research lessons and lessons tailored to specific student needs.

Student Librarians

Currently, we have 11 student librarians.  They are such an amazing asset to the library and help in a variety of ways.  Each librarian has two set duty days where they help out at either break or lunchtime.  Their main duties are helping students or staff choose books, issuing or returning books and helping to run clubs.  Of course, there are many other jobs to ensure the library runs smoothly and they do these without complaining!   The team are more than happy to support at any events such as open days and book fairs etc.



Further Information


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