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Media studies

You are already an extremely experienced and perceptive reader and consumer of media. Everyone is immersed in different forms of media almost 24/7 every day: advertising, social media, TV and film, music videos and radio. The AQA Media   Studies A Level will allow you to develop the skills needed to analyse the ways    different media forms and texts are created by producers and understood by     audiences. There are four main frameworks to consider: media language and      representation, media audiences and industries. Through a detailed study of 18 close-study products from a wide range of media forms, you will consider the many ways the media persuades and entertains. Current close study products include the TV series ‘The Missing’, Teen Vogue website, the magazine ‘Men’s Health’ and the   music video for Common’s ‘Letter to the Free.’ 

Media production work is also a very significant part of the course, allowing you to apply the knowledge you have learnt whilst studying the close-study products as you create your own original media texts from a choice of 6 briefs. This combination of production and exam units requires you to develop a very wide range of skills through the course including time management, creativity, media technical skills as well as written analysis and evaluation. 


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  • Entry requirements: Grade 5 in English
  • Course delivery: 70% external examination and 30% NEA (creating one cross-media product from a choice of 6 briefs)
  • Exam Board:AQA
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