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We offer 3 different maths courses at John Milton Sixth Form, Pure maths, Further maths and core maths.

In A level maths you will you will study both Pure and Applied Mathematics as students build on the knowledge from their GCSEs. You will develop the essential skills    required to study and understand abstract ideas in varying contexts. The statistical elements of the course will give you the ability to analyse and interpret data in a real world context, whilst the mechanics will focus on the laws of motion and forces.

In further maths, A Level Further Mathematics is a separate A Level that is usually taken in addition to taking A Level Mathematics. Half of the content of this will be Further Pure and the remainder will be from options such as Mechanics, Statistics, Decision Mathematics or extra Further Pure. The choice of these options will often depend on the group but currently we study the Decision Mathematics.

Core Maths has been designed to maintain and develop real-life maths skills.  What you study is not purely theoretical or abstract; it can be applied on a day-to-day basis in work, study or life and most courses will include a financial maths          element.  Core maths will help you to learn to interpret and communicate the use of maths in everyday life in problem solving situations, which is required in A Level subjects – including the sciences, geography, business studies, psychology and economics.  



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