Please note that alterations and amendments may be inevitable and sports fixtures will depend upon success in league and cup games.  Updated information will be published via the school’s weekly Home Bulletin and half-termly Newsletter

Summer Term 2018
April Event Time
Tuesday 17 April Students return to school
Monday 23 April Local Governing Body Meeting 4.15pm
Wednesday 25 April Year 11 Parents’ Evening (by invitation only)
Friday 27 April Year 12 Progress Checks out to parents
May Event Time
Wednesday 2 May Year 10 Parents’ Evening 2.30-7.00pm
Monday 7 May Bank Holiday
Monday 14 May Governors’ Personnel Committee 4.15pm
Wednesday 16 May Year 7 Parents’ Evening 2.30-7.00pm
Monday 21 May Governors’ Finance & Premises Committee 4.15pm
Friday 25 May Newsletter out end of the day

Monday 28 May – Friday 1 June 2018

June Event Time
Monday 4 June Local Governing Body Meeting 4.15pm
Wednesday 6 June Year 8 Parents’ Evening 2.30-7.00pm
w/b    18 June Year Council meeting this week
w/b    25 June Year 9, 10 and 12 Mock Exams
School Council meeting this week
July Event Time
Tuesday 3 July Sports’ Day
Wednesday 4 July Year 5 Science Day
Thursday 5 July Year 5 English Day
Friday 6 July Year 5 Maths Day
Monday 9 July Year 6 New Intake Day
New Intake Evening for Y6 Parents
Tuesday 10 July Year 6 New Intake Day
Thursday 12 July School Summer Concert
Friday 13 July Years 7, 8 and 12 Reports home to parents
Years 9 and 10 Progress Checks out to parents
Friday 20 July Newsletter out end of the day
Tuesday 24 July End of Summer Term

Please note: The information is as accurate as possible at the time of publication, but there may be amendments and additions.  An updated version will be uploaded at the beginning of each term identifying any changes. GCSE, AS and A2 examination timetables are published separately.


Autumn Term 2017

Non Pupil Days: 4th Sep, 5th Sep

4th Sep 2017
to 19th Dec 2017

Half term: 23rd Oct – 27th Oct

Spring Term 2018

3rd Jan 2018
to 29th Mar 2018

Half term: 12th Feb – 16th Feb
Non Pupil Days: 3rd Jan, 29 Mar

Summer Term 2018

16th Apr 2018
to 24th Jul 2018

Half term: 28th May – 1st Jun
Non Pupil Day: 16th Apr


Autumn Term 2018

Non Pupil Days: 5th Sep, 6th Sep, 19th Dec

5th Sep 2018
to 19th Dec 2018

Half term: 22nd Oct – 26th Oct

Spring Term 2019

2nd Jan 2019
to 5th Apr 2019

Half term: 18th Feb – 22nd Feb
Non Pupil Day: 2nd Jan


Summer Term 2019

23rd Apr 2019
to 24th Jul 2019

Half term: 27th May – 31st May
Non Pupil Day: 23rd Apr



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