Year 6 'Open Events' 2021: Please refer to information within 'Transition to High School' tab

English Literature

If you enjoy reading, discussing and analysing a range of different books, poems and plays written by authors both modern and from previous centuries, A Level English Literature will prove to be a course to inspire your passion for reading further.  Discussion and debate is at the heart of the A Level reading experience and this is a focus for our lessons. You will also develop your ability to express your ideas in writing, considering how to evaluate and analyse texts by constructing a well-argued essay.   

During the course you will consider the importance of literary genres and how  social and historical contexts influence how texts are written and read. Current texts you study, such as ‘The Kite Runner’, ‘Othello’ and ‘A Doll’s House,’ encourage you to consider how they present a range of contentious issues  surrounding gender, race and class. 

The non-examined assessment unit will provide the opportunity to consider different theories and approaches to reading and interpreting literature including how wider ideas in society such as feminism might influence the way we understand texts. You may choose one of your texts for this NEA unit yourself, allowing you to pursue your own reading interests. 


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