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Learning about how matter interacts is fundamental to understanding how the world around you works. Materials and their properties are the foundation of our economy and way of life. Having a knowledge of these will help you go on to make more informed choices in life. Chemistry is a study in the patterns of behaviour of elements and compounds; the very building blocks of life. If you have ever  wondered why substances look or behave in a particular way then Chemistry is for you.

A Level Chemistry is demanding and rewarding in equal measure. It is regarded as a challenging academic subject and as such is often looked for by universities and   employers beyond the realm of science. Students of this science discipline have  excellent numeracy skills, the ability to follow the scientific method and can apply knowledge to a wide range of problems. These are highly prized in future careers. 


description of

  • Entry requirements: Grade 5 in Chemistry
  • Course delivery:

    100% external assessment

    Students also complete a practical endorsement in Chemistry that allows them to hone their practical skills in preparation for further study.  The practical endorsement does not count towards the final grade, although you will be issued with a certificate to say you have reached the required standard.


  • Exam Board:Pearson A Level course
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