Year 6 'Open Events' 2021: Please refer to information within 'Transition to High School' tab

Applied Psychology

Fascinated by the way people behave? Psychology will give you an insight to our actions and habits through scientific and social research.


Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and experience. This stimulating subject combines fascinating content with a rigorous and scientific approach to investigation. It has recently undergone a huge growth in popularity. Psychology is used in all walks of life from marketing to political voting behaviour.Our applied course allows students not only to explore the academic rigour of the approaches to psychology, looking at both the biological and social explanations, but also to explore the design of experiments and case studies of the criminal mind through portfolio work.If you are interested in the human condition and how it can be explained, this is certainly the course for you.

Exam Board: Pearson BTEC National course

How will I be assessed: Combination of external examination and portfolio work



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