Friday 18 September: Due to Storm Eunice SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED TODAY

About Stowupland High School

We enjoy an unrivalled setting with modern facilities which are being constantly updated. Beyond the bricks and mortar though, our innovative approach to curriculum design and professional working enables us to offer diverse and tailored learning for all year groups.

Outside the classroom, the dedication and commitment of staff supports an unparalleled range of extra-curricular activities. Every Wednesday, our formal timetable ends at 2.10pm and this provides a unique opportunity for many students to broaden their outlook and develop new skills and talents. Present options include: Art, Drama, Cooking, Photography/Film Making, Textiles, Homework Club and a variety of Sports.

In return, we expect the best from all students. Great emphasis is placed on our core values of rights, responsibilities and respect and we apply these core values to all aspects of school life: from courteous and respectful behaviour around the site, to purposeful and responsible attitudes both to study and to each other. In addition, students are encouraged to demonstrate a genuine understanding of the communities to which they belong: being local, national and international.

Above all, we want students to embrace the opportunities available at Stowupland. We want them to enjoy the challenge of learning and to be excited by the choices that educational achievement can bring.

The experiences we provide at Stowupland prepare all students for highly successful and fulfilling lives in an increasingly complex world. I thoroughly enjoy leading the school and hope that you will share my enthusiasm for our work and will want to become part of the educational community at Stowupland.

Welcome to Stowupland High School.



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